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Oceanside, NY



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“I don’t know where to begin with my review of this restaurant. While on vacation, my friends who dine regularly at Antonio’s brought me here and said, “They have the best BBQ chicken, we must go there.” The ambiance of the restaurant made me feel like I had gone back in time about 25 years

(in a good way). We had “live” entertainment, a vocalist, and a neighboring table that purchased a bottle of patron, which made for a highly entertaining evening. But on to more important things...

the food. My friend and I split the BBQ chicken, which was just amazing. When they brought the chicken out, I looked at it and thought, there is no way we will finish this! But we did. Every last piece...gone. The chips were fresh, the rice was great and the grilled pineapple was the best I’ve

ever had. This will be a stop for us on our next vacation to NY.”

- Sam

"The best chicken ever and you can never get enough of the sauce. I don't ever eat non-farm raised chicken anywhere else and really have no idea if it is or isn't, but don't want to know. It is THAT good. The chicken dinner is not to be missed, and I replaced the boiled potatoes for the chip for a healthier version, but the sauce will not be forgotten and will be calling you to get more. Remember to ask for extra sauce and enjoy!!!"

- Wendy C., Oceanside, NY

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Antonio’s deserves my first review as I am a Portuguese American. I can testify to what qualifies as authentic Portuguese food and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Antonio’s is as close to authentic as you can get without going to Lisbon. But you don’t need to be Portuguese to appreciate the food. What’s good is good. Antonio’s is great. We didn’t start with any appetizers as most of the people at my table were having the Rodizio (waiter comes around with skewers of meat that you can eat until your heart’s content or until you explode, whichever comes first) which is very reasonable at $29. Other Portuguese Rodizio restaurants charge upwards of $40, bit here at Antonio’s you are getting quality. Tender, not fatty pieces of grilled meats, yum...stole a few bites off my husband’s plate. My mother and I shared the whole chicken...sooooo good, tastes just as it does in Portugal. All of our meals came with homemade potato chips, rice, and veggies. We washed this all down with 2 huge pitchers or red sangria that is not to be missed. Some of the best I’ve ever had, but be careful this stuff hits you hard. They know what they are doing! The best part of the whole meal was our encounter with the owner. He was kind and friendly, and you can tell this man takes pride in what he does. Obviously you can tell that we LOVED this place, and we will be back.”

- Wendy C., Oceanside, NY

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